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Delaware Fury, Inc.
Travel Baseball & Softball
10U – 18U age groups
2021-2022 Information Form


Delaware Fury is a highly competitive travel sports organization operating travel teams for both baseball and softball. We pride ourselves on attempting to pursue a more “balanced” approach with our athletes while still maintaining high expectations for on-field success and a path to college recruitment as players develop/mature into the older age groups. We believe team sports is one of the most effective platforms to build character, learn how to compete, and become a great teammate.


*Dedicated coaching staff who is committed to player development on and off the field.

*Belief that development of our athletes through “The Process” is always more important than a short term outcome.

*Support and encourage our young athletes to play multiple sports throughout the year.

*Opportunities to develop/support/showcase athletes while they pursue college recruitment.

*Encourage community involvement and continue to give 10% of monies raised through fundraising and sponsorship to other local causes in need.


- targeting 11-12 players for tournaments, however, practice player positions are also available.

- extremely competitive with playing time being earned especially for bracket play.

Fall Season
- practices will start in late August through early November; targeting 2-3 tournaments.

Winter Workouts

-indoor practices and strength & conditioning will start late Jan through March.

Spring Season
- outdoor practices should start April through mid-July; targeting 7-8 tournaments.

Community Engagement
- in addition to investing a portion of monies raised back into our community, we intend to continue partnering with groups like Special Olympics of Delaware, etc.


1. Does my child need to be at more than one tryout? ANS: Only one tryout is required, however, new players are welcome to attend multiple tryouts if they believe it improves their opportunity (just not required). 

2. How will we know if they made the team? ANS: You will be notified if your athlete has made the team shortly after they tryout process concludes (including private tryouts scheduled after announced tryouts).

​3. Where do you practice? ANS: Varies depending on makeup of the roster/coaches, however, we historically use outdoor & indoor facilities in Bear-Middletown-Smyrna areas.

4. How often do you practice? ANS: Targeting two practices per week for the younger age groups with the oldest age groups targeting two to three practices per week (except during their high school season).

5. Where are tournaments? ANS: We will attempt to target tournaments within a 2 hr. drive or closer; many last year were about 1.5 hrs. Most families stayed at hotels, however, some commuted as well. Older teams may be traveling further for showcases, Nationals, etc.

6. How much does it cost per player for the year?

ANS: Team Fees: Will vary slightly by team based upon actual roster size and tournament/showcase budget, however, targeting an average team fee of around $1,300 per player, plus a club organized Super Bowl fundraiser with the expectation to sell 10 blocks per player.

ANS: Apparel: Players will have the option to purchase uniforms separately, with the average cost of $40-45/jersey and $40/pant. Helmet and bat bag can also be purchase separately at $40 and $60-$100. 

7. When are payments due? ANS: Broken up into 6 payments with $300 on commit, then remaining balance spread evenly across 5 payments on Sept 1st, Oct 15th, Nov 15th, Jan 15th, and Feb 15th. 

8. Are there opportunities to offset some cost?

ANS: Team Fundraisers: 90% of all individual team fundraisers will either go back to the families to cover team fees and/or add to the team's budget for additional tournaments, etc.

ANS: Sponsorships: 25% of all sponsorship monies can be credited to the following year's team fees.