2020 Super Bowl Squares 1
Delaware Fury families and supporters, we are excited for this years Super Bowl LIV Pool. We have been working to make this as easy and streamline as possible.         
1) Once there, you will need to set up a user name and login.  If you have used this site previously, you will need to use that login and password.  If you are like me and have forgotten what you used, you will need to reset your login credentials.
Pool ID #: 83368
Delaware Fury Super Bowl Pool LIV
2) We have created a pool for each of our teams, so you will see 7 pools in total.  To begin click "Select a Grid" and then " View all Grids".  Here you will select the softball team specific to your athlete. Click your square of choice, and your name will be posted.  You can pick (and remove) your square(s) any time up to 30 minutes prior to game start.
The blocks cost $10 each, and the payout will be as follows:
The quarterly payout is as follows:
1Q :  $75
2Q:   $100
3Q:   $75
4Q:  $200
**Please be sure you are aware of the correct team the player you are supporting is on as this is how they will receive fundraising credit.
3) We are offering two forms of payment directly to Delaware Fury:
The preferred form of payment would be through our Venmo account: @DelawareFury-Sports.  When making the payment please be sure to note the players name. Noting the athletes name will ensure she gets credit towards her fundraising goals. This notation is the only way we have to track by player.
If you prefer to use  PayPal, we do have a direct account for that as well. Account: delawarefuryfinances@gmail.com.  At the end of the transaction it will ask if you want to leave the seller a note. Again, please be sure to note the athletes name here to ensure she gets credit towards her fundraising goals.
Best of luck to everyone!
Any questions can be directed to Denise (deniserena@verizon.net) or Chris (Christinecapotrio@yahoo.com)
- Chris, Denise and all the Fury Fundraising Committee.